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So a couple of years ago I read tons and tons and tons of reviews all about the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. It was like an absolute craze and everybody was using it. As I wasn't earning too much money at the time, I decided to try out a tester version of the foundation and see what the fuss is about. I used it sparingly and looked forward to applying it on special occasions - I just knew I would have a good makeup day if I was wearing it. 
Since my sister was getting married this Summer I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the full bottle size to wear as my bridesmaid makeup on the day as it had been so reliable and consistent previously. I bought the shade 'Ecru' from Debenhams and was even given another free sample to use first (which I was pretty chuffed about - free makeup is always good!)
I'm going to write a little pros and cons list about this foundation and give you my real thoughts about it means I have worn it in lots of situations. I've worn it briefly for a quick trip into town, I've worn it over a long day at work and I've also worn it for near enough 12 hours during the wedding. 


* I absolutely love how this foundation applies. If you apply it after moisturising it honestly goes on like a dream. It applies evenly and never looks patchy or cakey. 
* From what I can remember, this foundation cost me around £30 but I know at the time I bought it they had a 10% off offer on in Debenhams which meant I picked it up for just over £27. Although that seems like a lot of money for some beige liquid to put on your face, you are guaranteed a better make up day than if you were to have used that £7 foundation that you're not that keen on. 
* You don't need much of this foundation to fully cover your face. In fact, there have been times where I've applied too much thinking it wouldn't be enough. This also adds to its good value for money.
* The foundation does cover some flaws and some people have said to me 'Are you wearing foundation? Your skin looks flawless!' which is a good sign that it's not too cakey but also gives a lovely finish.
* Unlike quite a few other foundations, this one has never given me spots or any kind of irritation. 

So this is the foundation in action after a full day at work

Cons (there aren't many)

* I've found that, despite other reviews, this foundation doesn't cover my spots or scars. It definitely masks them slightly and makes them a lot less apparent than if I was bare faced but before I bought this foundation I was under the impression it would literally get rid of every little imperfection.
* If I don't apply this foundation after moisturising the finish can be a little less impressive. I mean, it still doesn't look cakey or patchy but it doesn't quite blend in as nicely or perfectly. Obviously this isn't a fault with the foundation in particular, it's more me being lazy and not moisturising my skin enough!
* I do sometimes have to powder my face several times during the day. It is not half as bad as some of my previous foundations at making my skin appear shiny but, on certain days, I do get that 'disco ball' effect if I don't powder at least once extra during the day. This isn't too much of a big deal and it's not something I remember happening when I tried the sample, it may just be something I am using which is slightly more oily.

So, all in all, I do love this foundation and it's definitely the main staple to my make up bag. Every time I put it on in the mornings I know I'm not going to have a makeup disaster and, to me, that's a big relief! 

Have you tried this foundation?
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