Monday, 16 May 2016

How to get rid of breakouts FAST


So, over the past week, I have been having an absolute nightmare with my skin. I'm pretty sure it's all down to my contraceptive pill as my problems have been gathered entirely round my chin and jaw area which makes me think it's a hormonal breakout. Nevertheless, I've been having a massive challenge to try and control my skin and get my pesky spots to disappear.
My overly-organised and obsessive self sets itself a mission if I want something done, so on day 2 of Mega Breakout I was in Superdrug stocking up on plenty of supplies to help me banish my spots, and, over the course of the week, I've picked up quite a few tricks that actually worked. Around 5 days on my spots are almost non-existent, here's what I've learnt...


I must confess that I am an absolute menace at touching my face throughout the day. At work I will lean on my cheek knowing full well that my hands have been dealing with all kinds of situations over the morning. I'm sure you all know that our hands carry crazy amounts of germs and bacteria, so me putting my hands all over my face every day was definitely not helping the situation. If you're trying to get rid of a breakout make sure you make a conscious effort to NOT touch your face.


I definitely got a bit OTT with this point during my breakout but try and keep your face clean at all times, especially your breakout area. Because my chin was my main problem, I cleaned it at least three times a day. I scrubbed it in the morning with an exfoliating scrub, left it clear of makeup all day, took my make up off ASAP and ran a Clearasil spot wipe over my chin to keep on top of the cleanliness then cleansed, toned and moisturised at night. I also made sure to make sure my make up brushes were cleaned regularly and that I didn't let my face touch my pillows at night time.
I know this is a bit gross but I didn't actually pop my spots for the first few days however, thinking about it, I think my breakout would have cleared quicker if I did. After doing lots of research (mainly on Caroline Hirons' blog), I decided that I would first clean my chin area, then squeeze the pop-able spots with two clean cotton buds instead of my fingers. As soon as I was done I would re-clean the area so that no bacteria would spread and form new spots.


Every night, after cleaning my skin thoroughly, I would apply toothpaste to any angry spots. I left it overnight and found it dramatically helped dry out my spots which led to them disappearing a lot quicker. Although my skin is now very dry, despite moisturising, I don't think my breakout would have cleared up as quickly as I did if toothpaste hadn't worked its magic.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (... and drink)

And finally, if you're feeling really poop about yourself like I was during my breakout, try and make a few changes to what you're putting inside your body. I am generally quite a healthy eater but I made sure to swap my lunch sausage roll for a big, leafy salad. Not only did this probably help my skin out but it made me feel light and happy rather than a bit sluggish. It's just one less thing to be down about, yunno? You don't want to be down in the dumps because of a breakout but making sure your inside is happy will no doubt egg your outside on to hurry up and get better. Drinking lots of water and avoiding sugary drinks should definitely help cleanse your skin, also.

Have you ever had a bad breakout, what did you do to get rid of it?
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